budak tekun membaca
..you took my heart away..
even heart has boundaries
..<3 <3 <3 my lungly luply lovely lover <3 <3 <3..

wuteva u like hehe
Thursday, March 3, 2011 | 3/03/2011 11:33:00 AM | 2 Babbling Minds
harlu2 hehe assalamualaikum,. pg ni mood aq baek kott,. hahaha !!
i’m super excited to let everyone know about wut had happened diz mornink,. hehe

 wuteve u like,.
tp cam bese la,.
aq nk tules ekot gaye aq je,.
penggunaan bahasa yang berseni dan berirama, disulami ungkapan melankolik dan bombastik mls la plak,. tp tetibe dtg lak mod nk ber-speaking hoho layan je lah !!

 according to,.. chewah cm nk wat essay bi plak,. hehe
age to age shall say:
hell today is vanquished,
heaven is won today!!

:D !! i am in such a heppy mood becoz...?

1) u're going to a maher zain concert soon? nope !! but , erm,. dat sounds cool !! huhu
2) you got your braces off?  no no ,my teeth is quite stret meyh,. 
3) got all A s in UR exams? not skul anymore :) haha
4) going 2 a party ? currently not ! haha
5)  u jaz got asked out by ur crush ? ngeh3 haha u r wrong :D
BUT It was extremely exciting, and yet I felt a calmness within myself,. haha !!

8.30am diz mornink : i felt so good, like i wanted to hug hug hug n hug  myself ketat ketat hahahaha !! bkn ayt aq ea,. ayt kwn kpd kwn aq,. *bwang tebiat kah ? huhu,

 ...as f0r me, It was da end of constant pressure :p...


we are friends with benefits lol :) haha !!

dun get me wrong ~ thank u !!


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