budak tekun membaca
..you took my heart away..
even heart has boundaries
..<3 <3 <3 my lungly luply lovely lover <3 <3 <3..

it seemed awkward for some reasons
Thursday, June 9, 2011 | 6/09/2011 11:59:00 AM | 2 Babbling Minds
assalamualaikum n hello everyone..
well , okay .  after exploring da buku sejarah ,
memorising about the date n dead people i guess ,  it's gotten me to thinking
i was thinking about being teen .
any teens... FIFTEEN ? SIXTEEN ? SEVENTEEN ? wut teen ? haha cam dah hidup lame la plak.. hehe
really it's all just “teen-” for about teens best damned  years of our life right ?
yes . probably the best for most ~~

 but , i'm not going to go into great detail,
even though it is somewhat lengthy huh . LOL .
humph ,  wut do u do when da one u seek advice
on ur serious problem is da one who caused it in da 1st place?
huhu there's a story behind diz title dat i wanna relate to...
...still dont like to talk about it much , but..   i'm already typing away...
(smack me !! aha !!)

memories wont fade away..
yep . a FRIEND has ALWAYS been a person whom u rely on~~
where in da whole world..
u gather damn thrown by others n ur friend is where u can clean it all up ryte ?
but wut happens when all of sudden u lose that caused by one person ? *sigh sigh sigh* haish !!

as bitter n hurtful as it sounds ,
i've lost da one i usually turn to n da worst part of it ,
he' s da one who's throwing crap on me .
how does it feel ?
em , its like having ur own right hand stabbing ur weak soul..
haiyaaaaa~~ haha what a pretty sigh huh 
am just so sick of my heart being stuck in the past .
*sigh sigh sigh* 
i seem to not be able to move on . 
but i want to ,  of coz i do n i really really want to .  >>>arctic monkeys LOL <<<
n simply i want to live my life in peace ,
 i want to live to a great age , without worrying anything . 
n i;m sure that there is one who succeed in that .
 but all . in all people change .
through deat-defying stay up hours ,
we built our friendship , n trust .
it was something i dont build in such a short term .
huhu . yes , i trusted him .
erk , people say men n women can't be just friends ?
oh eh ? well , people i' sorry to disappoint u ,
but we are just friends (at least we were) huhu . nothing more . nothing less .
yerp !  to me , a whole new relationship would just spoil . everything . but da friendship would be gone . 
it was just like yesterday how we were being da best of  friends .
i could remember this one night .
it was da night before da  trial .
we-through deat-defying stay up hours together . LOL
i could remember how we would come me down .

  i could remember this one night .
we  were laughing like crazy maniacs n it was too hard for us to control it . haha . 
it was a great fun to be a part of this rare !! weehee !! haha  yeah.. a precious and hilarious situation i guess.. 

also , i could remember that fortnight . 
never unattached n  identical choices here  . eh ? em , yeah.. mayb . 

but , its amazing how small thing can destroy something so strong . 
how one , tears a friendship . 
how simple words brought tears
n how five cents can bring departion .

his words onced "just be strong ok ? pray this will be end soon"

i really pray this end soon . *sigh*

p/s: sorry for grammar mistakes being made everywhere

it seemed awkward for some reasons


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