budak tekun membaca
..you took my heart away..
even heart has boundaries
..<3 <3 <3 my lungly luply lovely lover <3 <3 <3..

assuming thats true,
Wednesday, July 6, 2011 | 7/06/2011 04:20:00 PM | 0 Babbling Minds
hello peeps !!
havent been updating myself in here for quite awhile kan ? ngeh~ haha .
well , everything went well , i'm living well too .
put on some weights recently (chewah !! aha) like what i expected as i no longer can focus myself .
i doubt so . wink2 !! haha
more like a couch potato i suppose , why must potato heh ?
well , hehehe .shhh rahsia lah.. but , u can get the answer from my new classmates only.. hihi

haih~ talking bout class..
hmm.. i had finally picked up my pace on studies , (i guess) LOL
feeling a little confident on what i'm handling now , rasenyelah.. haha
the truths: lots of works still needed and its a long way to go.. sekian . huhu
i'm targeting of getting an extra A for each preliminary exams from now on . hurrmmmmm.
n... 25 july will be my tarikh keramat LOL !!  HAHA 
i wouldnt  to give up upon failures , n i'm sure that i will find my way out of this mess . weehee !!
**nyeh nyeh nyeh** wut a preety sigh LOL

but , this week had been a crazy one for me . *sigh sigh sigh* hehe


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