budak tekun membaca
..you took my heart away..
even heart has boundaries
..<3 <3 <3 my lungly luply lovely lover <3 <3 <3..

rule ur mind or it will rule u dude !
Sunday, October 23, 2011 | 10/23/2011 10:38:00 AM | 0 Babbling Minds
me-now : i get myself silent . thnk u .

well , every life has a story..
n f0r sure we are da hero of our own story ryte ? ECEH ! haha 
yeah.. history will be kind to me ; for i intend to write it .
bak kate org.. yestrday is hstory , tomrrow is mystery , today is a gift :D
eh cetu ye ?

here's da story .  rule ur mind or it will rule u dude ! 

yesterday . i felt so sour inside..
there ws a stream of pain . flowing into my heart . erghh ! 
but all i cud do ws pretend I DIDN'T CARE~ XD
weh weh weh ckp bia betapis okay ?

" **some text missing** " - 1.oo pm smlam.. ceh !! walaweyh weh !! 
if u were me , wut wud u feel ? huh ! or wud u simply smile at da world like u owez do hah ?? lol

actually , i had not found wut i ws lookin' for ,
 or da answer to your specific qs dat made sense . 
humph , no matter how long or where i searched da answer ,
 no matter how high my hopes periodically rose n fell ,
in da end , 
i still felt ... haih.. 

 i jz thought dat it ws unfrtunate , but i figured dat God must hav a reason .
it ws nothingto resent , rather , it ws smtink dat i juz had to accept n still try to be as good of a person as i could anyway . yep . at least . 

sng jewp.. haha


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