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..you took my heart away..
even heart has boundaries
..<3 <3 <3 my lungly luply lovely lover <3 <3 <3..

i'm glad dat my ordeal was finally over ! haha
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 | 4/30/2013 08:43:00 AM | 0 Babbling Minds
بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Hello and Assalamualaikum viewer(s) ! :))

apa point ? erm , saje nak bagi   lapaq tyme bace entry ni . haha 

erm , i normally blog when something really gud happens.. really bad happens.. feeling extremely emotional.. or.. when i'm just dead bored like now .  hehe . erm , act , who knows my blogging pattern ? even i dont know ==' . but , i can tell u , blogging is poetry ! hehe

oh my rusted english
pheww ~~~  dah berkarat da . haha =='
btw , haritu ad org tanye tentang form 6 kat aq . dy kata na masuk form 6 kot . hmm credit to cik adek nurul jannah . okay , so , regarding to dat.. "aq would like to buad a lil entry bout form 6 " <-- haha . oh my rusted english..! (again) hehehe

erm okay.. let me start..
i sat for stpm in 2012.. yeah ! i'm glad dat my ordeal was finally over ! haha
 if u asked me if i regret going to form 6 , hmm.. i would easily answer "NO" as form 6 is one and the half year  i enjoyed the most in my high-school life.. heaven..!  :)

seriously.. form 6 is the tyme where i realise three hours is like three minutes..! pheww~ most of my papers are in three hours.. n i'm still rushing for it .  tyme flies.. yeah.. tyme flies.. :) i had a lot of fun in form 6 n being the eldest in the school . and me as kakak pengawas as well . "perhimpunan akn dimulakan sebentar sahaja lagi" haha :D

my class is simply wonderful ! strong covalent bonds were form ! :) even in the most stressful days , they are able to come out with some crazy n realy really really humorous jokes dat will really distress u . haha
 n i think this type of friendship will last for life ! it's really worth it . (credit to my best friend at school) and  my teachers are also such a dedicated bunch ! hee

throughout 2011 to 2013 , i've gone through many experiences dat forced me to grow up :)
neway , i would say dat stpm isn't easy at all . one has to spend long hours studying everyday... memorizing.. n understanding everything there is to learn ! :) huhu

as i told u before , i've grown a lot ,  a lot la sgt ! haha . i learn how to make full use of my tyme.. learn to respect n be grateful to others.. also learn what "bahan-membahan" is .  hahaha . erm , other than hard tyme , we did have a lot of fun besides ! :D

as we all know.. haha , erm , the stpm regarded as one of the hardest tests in the academic world due to the wide scope of its syllabus :)  i can tell u , after going through this two years.. u will find urself a stiffer n confident person.. well , this was my experience :)

in form 6.. i'm glad dat i met a lot of people . gud one..bad one.. n those who like to pretend ! haha
life in form 6 is not easy , but i believe u will learn a lot from ur experience in form 6 . keep motivated..keep up with the constant pace in studied.. n with some stres-releasing activities .

i'm thnkful dat i became tougher.. hehe . i have grown up ! haha . again , i can tell u , form 6 is not easy . the way u study in spm is not work in stpm . believe me . haha . the syllabus for all subjects in stpm are very very super duper bigger . u have to study all the things . but , during the exam , there are too litle things come out in exam compared to the things we study . haha . u can't memorise all but u can understand the syllabus :) gyla tak gyla .

form 6 is a total difeferent from form 5 . it is a lot harder n be prepared to write up to 15 pages for each paper . i would say it is a lot about reading n memorising ! and no , it's not easy when u have to memorise hundreds of pages.. honestly , my ball pen lasted me only around 3 weeks ! and tell u. my handwriting is so small . once u do not read , u can't do anything . trust me . so basically , if u do not study , u can just sleep through the test . it is not easy .

but ,  i have pull it off ! haha . it's over ! :D

is has been an awesome roller-coaster ride so far . haha .
 of all those pains n gains.. i really love form 6 ! hahaha . always believe dat we can achieve many great things in life :)

bye2 . take care viewer(s) ! :)
take these ballons ! heee

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